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Rowe CD100 Help

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Old July 18th 04, 05:19 AM
Jeff Baker
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Default Rowe CD100 Help

I have a CD100 juke. All the boards were checked ok or repaired as was
the power supply and player. I also installed a new magazine motor. I
can punch in a selection. You will hear the detent coil release the
basket. The scan light comes on on the mech board, but nothing
happens. I can manually rotate the basket to the selection and
manually rotate the cam to place the cd on the player. The cd will
then play. What else can I check to get the magazine motor to work?
Thanks for any help. Jeff
Old July 22nd 04, 06:23 AM
Ken Layton
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Coulb be a mech control board problem. Could be bad solder joints on
the CCC and/or mech control boards.
Old July 22nd 04, 06:24 AM
Ken Layton
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Coulb be a mech control board problem. Could be bad solder joints on
the CCC and/or mech control boards.
Old July 26th 04, 05:17 PM
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On 25 Jul 2004 10:21:20 -0700, (Jeff Baker) wrote:

(Jeff Baker) wrote in message . com...
(Ken Layton) wrote in message om...
Coulb be a mech control board problem. Could be bad solder joints on
the CCC and/or mech control boards.

I have new harnesses and micro switches on the way. The mech board and
CCC were checked twice by Bruce Wentworth for a week. They are good. I
am not getting any voltage at the magazine motor, so I hope it is the
wiring harness. I'll let you know. thanks for the help.

I received the wrong harness. Does anyone have the harness for sale
that is on the actual mech. It plugs into the mech board and goes to
the mag motor, trans motor, detent and etc. This box has a CDM12
player. Thanks


The wiring harness on the mechansim itself (microswitches, motors.
solenoid etc) is the same for the CDM 3, CDM 4 and CDM 12 systems.
I would be very surprised if this were the problem.
(If it is - then check for a broken pin in the housing at bottom that
supplies power to the motors, it can't be much else)
Since you have a CDM 12 in there - this is important clue.
The CDM 12 will continue to play CDs without 28vac present whereas the
original CDM 3 (and I think the CDM4) will NOT work without this
voltage present !!

Im pretty sure from your description that you very likely don't have
28VAC getting to the mechanism at all. If this is the case - its not a
relatively hard problem to locate and troubleshoot. If you dont feel
confident on working on this - at least what you discover here will be
of great help to the person who is repairing your boards/harness etc
as to what parts to send next.

Things to check

1. Make sure that both the BLACK and BLACK/WHITE wires from the
cabinet harness tomechanism control are connected correctly. (and to
the right pins) Having one not connected can make the mechanism do
very strange things - like some parts work and some not - or the power
light (+8) to light and the "board error" LED to flash, but nothing
else at all will work. This is a real trap - and many (including
myself) have been fooled into thinking the Mech control board is
faulty when its not.

2. Make sure that the 28vac LED is lit on the power supply board
(there are 3 RED leds visible on the left side of the power supply
unit near where the white header connects. If its not on - then reset
the circuit breakers on the power supply by pressing on them to
restore this voltage.

If the breaker trips again then check for shorted animation bulb
assembly. This is the unit at the top with the spinning CDs - and 8
small bulbs underneath. Disconnect the plug from this assembly and
see if breaker trips again. (this is the only other part of the
machine that uses 28vac in a CDM 12 machine other than the mechanism

If breaker still trips - determine source of short circuit and repair.

If this doesn't work then the power supply module needs servicing.

(Note - the wire that carries the 28vac from the power supply is
Yellow/black. After going to the power switch assembly it changes
colour to a YELLOW wire.

3. Power to the mechanism control board (right hand side of mechanism)
check for 28vac between the YELLOW wire and the BLACK or Black/WHITE
wires on the plug. If it isnt present - then trace it back to the
power switch as directed below.

4. The power switch This is at the left of the machine just inside
the door - and also has the service switch and page flip switch
(usually marked with symbols). Check that the voltage is
getting to the switch and then out again. These switches can fail
with age and not pass the voltage or the slide on terminals can come
loose and make a bad connection. Repair or replace if needed.

EXTREME CAUTION must be taken in this assembly. The 28vac 28VDC and
8VDC wires on this switch are very close together and its very easy
for a disconneted wire to "wander" when removed or for a meter probe
or other tool to slip and short the voltages together. Getting 28vdc
or 28vac onto the 8V circuit could easily do expensive damage to the
mech control board, the CDM12 player and/or CCC board - not to mention
the digital display assembly as well.

(THIS caution =RE power switch= applies to ALL rowe solid state jukes
whether record CD or Combo going all the way back to the first ones
circa 1974-5 or so.)

To make matters worse - one wire on the nearby page turning switch is
also coloured YELLOW/BLACK the same as the 28vac line. DO NOT MIX
THESE UP If you remove the switch assembly for repair etc !!

ALSO make detailed diagrams of where each wire goes if you remove or
replace this assembly or the power switch !


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