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Ebay seller ....

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Old April 22nd 04, 10:48 PM
external usenet poster
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I'm with Rich- most dealers are very happy to tell you where the auto came from
since they hate forgeries (it tarnishes their name). I've even had non-dealers
tell me that the auto came from so-and so but that's all they know. Okay. Gives
me something to work with.

This guy came off as completely defensive, which is a big red flag. The
original query was very simple. All that UACC stuff was garbage- he's not held
to any bylaws. I mean, I could register my dog as a UACC member. It was also
very condescending- most people unfamiliar with the field wouldn't bother with
emails like yours.

As for the sigs, there was a time when Liam was reluctant to sign except for
children (or was that just SW items?) and I haven't seen many of Natalie. But
based on that email alone, I wouldn't bid. Good riddance.
Old April 23rd 04, 10:00 AM
external usenet poster
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I don't think people that invest that much time would sell their signatures
unless it was a very large amount. It has to be at least worth your time.
For example, I repair computers. I charge $40 an hour, so standing inline
for 5 hours is worth $200 to me. First, I don't ever sell my signatures and
I don't for two reasons. 1. I got the signature because it meant something
to me, and 2. Most if not all of my autographs would not pay back the time I
have invested in them.

Pretty said when I have only gotten three in person. :-)
"Robert de Ridder" wrote in message
What would bug me is the statement on the end. "People who wait 5-6 hours

get an authentic autograph DO NOT SELL THEM FOR $1.00."

They do apparantly sell them for $12...

"dahoov2" schreef in bericht
What do you think of the "information after you win the auction"
Startement? That's what's bugging me.

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:43:38 -0700, "Dan C"

I thought the Natalie Portman looked OK and the Bernard Hill... but I'm

too familiar with their sigs. I am suspicious of his John Rhys Davies

(which I found while browsing his feedback). Take a look and maybe

give you some idea:

Also look at this Hugh Jackman:

Browse through his feedback because there are a ton more sigs that you

look at there. Honestly, I'm not that familiar with in person sigs

they may be more rushed than TTM sigs, so take my opinion for what it's
worth. I know you are very able and experienced enough to come up with

own conclusions Sue, even moreso than me. Good luck!


"dahoov2" wrote in message
.. .
I saw a listing of a Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson signed index
card. Read the description and here his response:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ategory=59 &s

I asked him if he was a dealer and what his number was and if he

state where he got the items so I could research a little on it.

Here's the response I got:


First of all, I am a physician and collector--seldom a seller--I am a
regular member of UACC--regular dues paying members do NOT have
numbers--only registered full time dealers have numbers--I am on a
first name basis with many of the officers of UACC as I enjoy taking
my kids to the UACC shows. As stated on our ebay page, ALL signing
info will be given to the winner--All items were obtained in person
and are real--If you have doubts, don't bid---I know a fake a million
miles away and these are NOT-- Thanks, Jon

This crap about not receiving information until AFTER a winning bid

craop..... Here's my response:


I am assuming this is the email about the Neeson/Portman signatures.

Being a phsician has nothing to do with collecting and or knowledge

autograph collecting... and I too am a collector (for 10 years now)
and understand the UACC membership verses dealer. So no need to
instruct me on that. I wasn't clear about the way it was phrased;
dealers are also members...

By the way, UACC shows have many fakes in their books. Just because
something is bought from a UACC registered dealer does not make the
item legit... I have seen very reputible dealers have some slip
through their fingers. No one can be versed on every signature. And
for the record, I've personally witnessed some GREAT forgeries out

The fact that you will not provide signing information until after

auction is suspicious. At that point, I am committed to buy

with no background on it and if I don't like your response on how it
was obtained, I risk negative feedback. I don't know you from Adam.
Therefore, as a buyer, it's my job to ask questions before buying.

you are indeed a physician, you are obviously intelligent. Therefore
why would you not provide this information now? And to sell these
items for only $5? Why would a physician who has time to list items
on Ebay, not answer questions? And why so low a price if you are a
collector and attend UACC shows? You'd know the value of the item
would you not?

I guess I sounded snippy if this is the person with the

because my emails went unanswered. To me, this is the sign of one of
two things. I may be wrong, but as I see it, you are either hiding
something or don't wish to be bothered. If the latter is the case,
you ought not to be in business. A true business person would honor
a customer by answering their questions

I just wanted to know how you got it so I can research it. I don't
know you and though you may be an upstanding person, for all I know
you could be a blatant forger. Sorry if you're offended, if you

me the same questions, I'd answer knowing you don't know me.

Thanks for your time.




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