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Hunter Thompson dead

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Old February 22nd 05, 04:21 AM
Dave Pritchard
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Default Hunter Thompson dead

Hunter Thompson took the Hemingway option earlier today.

Thompson.....**** poor writer. No great loss there.

Old February 22nd 05, 06:01 PM
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"Laws against homosexuality should remain on the books to be used when
necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate
society's regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as
acceptable, equal citizens with that society." -Orson Scott Card, 1990

Radical-right homophobe, religious crackpot, & sci-fi writer Orson Scott
Card is on the rampage again, egged on by President Bush's call for a
Constitutional Amendment to insure that gays in America never now or in
the future gain equal rights under law. Here's Scott's lengthily
considered argument on how queers will be the end of Civilization -- no
exaggeration, he really thinks Civilization will end if queers ain't
stopped. Wow do I feel powerful!:


Scott shows a lack of understanding of a representative democracy &
advocates a type of direct government that would guarantee the masses
never need to grant equal rights to any kind of minority ever again. Of
course, what Scott forgets is that once his Utopia is in place, & Civil
Rights properly & popularly voted out of existence, the Mormons will be
next in line to be voted into that particuolar purgatory & his only allies
on Earth will turn out to be the ******s & the faggots & the fat old dykes
(young nubile lesbians will still have rights of course, so long as the
ruling majority is permitted to watch).

He also takes a few broad pot-shots at the educated. It's his belief that
college profesesor types & their liberal students never fight for their
country. The depth of the man's ignorance knows few limitations.

For a man whose faith is one that had to have its own polygamous marriage
standards changed before Utah was permitted to become a state, he raves a
great deal about the evil "elite" of America who don't sufficiently uphold
his church's current view of who is a suitable parent, who is suitable in
the military, & who should be banned from having homes, jobs, or
marriages. He claims he's ready to take his "culture" away from here &
abandon America altogether if queers ever have marriage rights. Maybe he
should write a follow-up on L-5 colonies, because his deploring American
en total isn't going to score him an earthly colony even further west than
Joseph Smith found for Scott's "culture" when they tried that gambit
before. And anyway, how would Scott keep a bunch of queers from forming
THEIR utopian L5 colony right next door to the Mormon L-fivers? Oh right,
MILITARY excellence, those sissy queers will never fight back when Scott's
jihad is brought to outer space.

Because of the hot water Scott got himself into in the past even with his
peers at SFFWA, he now threatens to sue anyone who even quotes from his
Mormon hate literature, which he says is intended for a strict Mormon
audience & all us goyim should not be privy to any of it.

In most regards Orson Scott Card is profoundly bigoted; he's on written
record previously with his belief that queers should not be permitted jobs
or homes; and his Ender saga of race extermination never questions the
apropriateness of the hero permanently eradicating a Jew-like race then
becoming the "historian" of the exterminated race (just as the nazis
planned to preserve Prague as a romantic museum to Jewry once they'd
gotten rid of us & could rewrite who we were). Scott denies that's what
he intended, he even denies there is any such thing as a subtext for
fiction; but the parallel is so obvious that if he honestly didn't write
it on purpose, that only shows how deeply ingrained his
religiously-inspired bigotry is -- just his unconsidered,
never-soulsearched worldview that expresses itself in the most horrific
nazi-like plotlines as completely upbeat & good.

Here's a post I put on-line about six years ago, during a period when Act
Up & Queer Nation were still monitoring Scott's first decade of homophobic
antics, causing him to whine like a sissy that the homos were persecuting
him & trying to starve his children.


OSC remains so far as I know the only SFWA member ever to have been
officially sanctioned by SFWA, due to his using his position in the Mormon
Church to advocate that homosexuals be denied jobs & housing as punishment
for their infamy. The subsequent impact of gay activists on his career
must have been felt, as he later claimed homosexuals were destroying his
ability to make a living. It's been Scott's habit to attack queers
viciously then withdraw to a corner & play the victim. Somehow he seems to
have survived his unrepentence.

His infamously homophobic essay for a Mormon publication is available on-line:
Lacking, though, are the fascinating follow-ups in later issues of the
same Mormon journal with even some Latter Day Saints horrified that such
an important leader of their church could be so inappropriately
over-the-top & rabid.

An expanded version of his relentless hate-spewing can be found in his
book A STORYTELLER IN ZION. I am unaware of any apology or retraction ever
issued by Scott to the gay community, though he has tried to justify his
position & even claims to be victimized by evil people who do not support
his hate-spews & who would ask others not to support them either. He did
later tell huge lies claiming his opinions applied only to homosexual
mormons but unfortunately his own writings reveal that to be a
running-scared lie, & not very helpful to mormon homosexuals even if in
retrospect he had decided to cast only Mormon homosexuals into the streets to

I dunno if Scott is aware that the ****ed-anything-that-moved Joseph Smith
not only screwed all the Mormon wives he could lay hands on, but also a
good many Mormon sons -- there are multiple documents about Smith's
buggering hobby. He was publically accused of homosexual conduct even
before he became a religious leader & wrote his biblical parody, The Book
of Mormon. His bed-relationship with Joseph Knight appears to have been
one of the fickle Smith's more longer-lasting relationships. Perhaps
bisexuality is okay though exclusive homosexuality sucks in Scott's
worldview, but I would suspect rather that it is denial that Scott finds
okay & he just pretends Smith shared OSC's homophobia. Smith's namesake
Joseph Fielding Smith, a Mormon Patriarch, was also homosexual, stripped
of church authority because of it -- but so far as the original good ol'
Joe's queerness, LDS tries merely to keep it under the rug. There is even
evidence preserved of Brigham Young's homosexual encounters, & John
Bennett likewise shared Joseph Smith's bisexual proclivities.

MORMON EXAMPLE was most bedeviling to the church leaders, as the inner
circle of Mormon power certainly cannot deny to each other in private the
facts of Smith's buggery -- they are religiously devoted to their own
historical documents & are thus stuck with those documents they might
otherwise like to have destroyed -- but they do excommunicate those mormon
scholars, like Quinn, who fail to leave these things out of their
publically accessible histories. While anti-Mormon propogandists have used
these historical realities to defame Mormonism, to gay Mormons per se it
is evidence that the founders of their faith would not have applauded
today's LDS homophobia, that even Joseph Smith would have told Scott to
calm down, get a clue, & bend over.

Most of us would not like to think we are sending funds to organizations
or individuals who can with such misplaced self-righteous vigor advocate a
state of joblessness & homelessness for any group or class of people,
whether the group targeted to be rendered homeless was black or homosexual
or even Mormon. So it's a good idea to ONLY purchase Card in used
bookstores if at all, as that way no percentage of your money will be
forwarded to the author in the form of royalties. Remainders also do not
pay royalties. Better still is to just put him on the very bottom of the
list of authors to read, where he'll never be gotten round to. Put Greg
Bear and Michael Bishop on the top of the choices.

-paghat the ratgirl
Get your Paghat the Ratgirl T-Shirt he
"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden
people maintaining a free civil government." -Thomas Jefferson
Old February 23rd 05, 02:14 PM
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"John A. Stovall" wrote
On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 19:21:52 -0800, "Dave Pritchard"

Hunter Thompson took the Hemingway option earlier today.

Thompson.....**** poor writer. No great loss there.

And what have you written with the impact of _Fear and Loathing_?

I didn't care for "Fear & Loathing" (either one) but his "Hell's Angels" book
was excellent and "Great Shark Hunt" was a good read too.
Bob Finnan

Old February 25th 05, 07:51 AM
Gnome De Plume
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Dave Pritchard wrote:

Hunter Thompson took the Hemingway option earlier today.

Thompson.....**** poor writer. No great loss there.

And how considerate of you to say so at this point in time.


'...custom bike specialists with a taste for the flesh of young dogs,
flashy headbands and tender blondes with lobotomy eyes...' - Hunter
Thompson's Hell's Angels.

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