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Sorry, I was not anticipating a large number of coins with those same
exact inscriptions and images. Here is about as much as I can find to

It is a silver coin, 3.8 cm diameter and about .3 cm thick. The side
is not smooth, but with very fine groves.

It has a young looking Elizabeth with a crown looking off to the right
side of the coin with the inscription "D. G. REG. F. D." around the
left side and "Elizabeth II" around the right side.

Turn the coin over and there is the image of Diana in the back with
Charles in front both looking off to the left side of the coin.
Centered underneath, is "1981". Around the entire coin starting in
the bottom left is inscribed ""H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales And Lady
Diana Spencer"

If there is no indication of a country of origin it might be a privately
issued medal and not actually a coin.