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Default Ecuador~consular stamp opt.

On Jul 4, 4:50*am, "rodney" wrote:
Hi there Tony,
thank you very much. Understood.

"Tony Vella" wrote in message


Hi Rod.

The stamp is a 1951 overprinted consular stamp.
timbre = stamp
escolar = school- (adjective from the noun escuela = school)
examples: autobus escolar = school-bus; aņo escolar = school-year..

I believe that for a period of time Ecuador added these stamps to their
postal services with the tax going to the school (education) system.
Around the same period similar taxes were added with proceeds intended for
national defence, health, and tourism. *Hope this helps.
Tony Vella
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada --

"rodney" wrote in message
Trying to understand the meaning of the overprint.
Babelfish "pertaining to school stamp"
Is anyone able to expand or describe please?

From 1920 to to 1957, Ecuador issued 77 Postal Tax
stamps (Scott RA01 - RA77) and 3 Air Postal Tax stamps
(Scott RAC 1 - RAC 3).

Some were overprinted on various types of revenue
and postage stamps and some had their own design.
In some cases, tobacco tax stamps were so overprinted.

Each series went to a specific purpose. These included:
rebuilding of the PTT headquarters (GPO), the Social
and Rural Workers Insurance Fund, National Defense,
Cancer Campaign, Schools, Health, and Tourism

Yuur stamp is RA61.
It is from a 1951 set of three for schools.
(RA60 to RA62)

20c on 1.00 red,
20c on 2.00 brown,
20c on 5.00 violet

Here is RA60.(larger) 20c on 1.00 .

Here is RA73 from1954. It had its own design.