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Default Krystonia Figures wanted

On Monday, August 2, 1993 at 7:31:26 AM UTC-7, Keith Marcinowski wrote:
I've just started my collection of the Krystonia figures. If there is
anyone out there who is looking to sell their pieces or even a collection,
drop me a line and we can work something out. I'm really fascinated by
these figures and would like to obtain as many as I can.

By the way, is there anyone out there who has joined the Collector's
Club. If so, how is it and is it worth $25 a year.


I have a huge collection of Kyrstonia figurines plus the books and even a signed poster print that I'm ready to sell. I still love the collection but no longer have the room in my house to display them and would love for them to go to someone else who loves Krystonia as well. I've probably have over 100 figures, most in the original boxes. I also have the Lands of Krystonia, the original 1 solid piece. If you're interested please contact me at . Thanks! Jacquelyn