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Default Philly book fair closes?

This was eventually posted, but only as an answer to a complaint, on the Flamingo Events Facebook page:
We would like to apologize to our Customers who were inconvenienced by the cancellation of the Saturday portion of the Philadelphia Vintage Book & Ephemera Fair this weekend. This is what caused the cancellation:
We set up and opened the show for the 5-9pm Friday evening portion and were enjoying pleasant sales. At 8pm the hotel banquet management informed us that there was a double booking issue and we had to break down by 10am Saturday morning. We had no recourse but to cancel last minute. There was no opportunity to post this news on our website since we work on smart devices when on the road and have no access to our computers for website alteration.
We know many of you travelled great distances and were inconvenienced both personally and financially - we all were as well. All we can do is say we are very sorry and thank you in advance for your understanding. ---Tina & John

There's still nothing on the Flamingo website, nor on the show's Facebook page, so I guess the official position is that nothing out of the ordinary happened...