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Default very bad ebay seller.

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Ο "note.boy" έγραψε στο μήνυμα

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I am sorry you had a bad experience Billy...
One of my eBay rules I follow with no exceptions is: *never* buy from
who does not accept Paypal!
True, some times you lose some nice coins but I prefer that from being
ripped off.

Note: except if the seller is from Germany;-)

With so many crooks selling on ebay paypal may soon be the only sensible
way to pay.

I enjoyed my visit to Canada last year so I could always pay the bad ebay
seller a little visit couldn't I as there are direct flights from

Let me know where there, I know some pretty big guys in Canada to help


E' mai possibile, oh porco di un cane, che le avventure
in codesto reame debban risolversi tutte con grandi
puttane! F.d.A

Coins, travels and mo

Ice hockey players would be great. :-) Billy