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Default Mystic Stamp Company *******s!

On 6/2/2013 10:02, Sir F.A. Rien wrote:
I am not currently nor have I ever collected stamps
yet the "Mystic Stamp Company" is sending me packages
of stamps telling me to pay or send them back.
Is this place a big scam company or what?
I'm pretty ****ed off at them right now. I'm reporting
them to the BBB right now. Is this place know for this
type of behavior?

AE gelat is correct you can keep them here is a gov page that

says so

Yes, Mystic is know for these tactics and far, far higher prices than
'market' as well. Somewhere they got your address, kid or grandkid?

Report them to the Postal Inspectors as well. If you get any more
packets [unlikely!] SEND them to the Postal Inspectors with copies of
their demands. You do NOT have to pay postage, just put them into an
envelope and take to your post office, addressed "Postal Inspector"

There is another possibility:
If you ask for their complete, full-color catalog, they'll send it to
you for free under the condition that you partake in their "approval"
program. It works as you described it; every month they will send you
stamps and you must either return them or pay for them. These are not
considered unsolicited, as you "agreed" to this condition when asking
for the catalog. Sometimes they'll do this with your initial purchase;
pay close attention to all the fine print accompanying your order.