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Michael E. Marotta
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"John Patrick" wrote
1) Do you collect:
a) Federal Reserve Notes? NO
b) Silver Certificates? NO
c) United States Notes? NO
d) Gold Certificates? NO
e) Federal Reserve Bank Notes? NO
f) Star notes? NO
g) Web press notes? NO
h) Older notes? Not sure what you mean.

2) Picking one of the above, which is your "main collection"?

I reject all of the above.
3) What is your lowest serial number? (Circulation and "special")

4) What is your highest serial number? (Circulation and "special")

5) What is your best circulation find?

Once built a set of A-L Federal Reserve $1 notes.

6) Do you have a favorite foreign note? If so, what is it?

France 50 Franc "Little Prince/Antoine de Saint-Exupery."

... allows us to determine who might be able to help ...

You parcel US paper into seven arbitrary catagories, and then lump
everything else into foreign. I think that if you scan the history
here, you will see that if any one kind of paper money predominates,
it happens to be Scottish Bank Notes, odd though that may seem.

I just came from the library with an armload of books about mining in
Michigan's Upper Peninsula because I am working on an article about
the notes issued by the Central Mine of Eagle Harbor. They are not on
your radar screen, not being "foreign" and not being "Federal."

"Laissez faire"