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John Patrick
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1) Do you collect:

I collect:
a) Federal Reserve Notes?
b) Silver Certificates?
c) United States Notes?
f) Star notes?
g) Web press notes?

2) Picking one of the above, which is your "main collection"?

Star notes seem to be my main collecting area right now.

3) What is your lowest serial number? (Circulation and "special")

I have a 1995 $1 FRN C 0000 3004 D that I got from circulation. I have
no "special release" notes.

4) What is your highest serial number? (Circulation and "special")

I just started working on this, and it's a 2003 $1 FRN E 9578 6742 A
(that series tops at 9600 0000). I also have an interesting 1995
$2 FRN F 9844 6774 B which was cut from a uncut sheet.

5) What is your best circulation find?

1988-A Web-note, G-P block, 5/8 plates
Also a 1934-A $20 FRN in decent shape (if it were a coin, I'd call it

6) Do you have a favorite foreign note? If so, what is it?

Bahamas $1 with the colorful marine art on the reverse.

'told you I'd answer my own questions'