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Default US~The backward rebel.


During tlie Civil War the Confederacy was as extravagant in printing stamps
as in printing money; today a good "rebel" stamp can be bought for as little
as 25 cents. But Confederate Provisional—issued by local postmasters from
June 1, .1861, when they quit using U.S. stamps, and Oct. 14, 1861, when the
first Confederate stamps appeared-—are extremely rare. They were so
appealing that such removed collectors as King Fouad of Egypt, Farouk's
father, and John Drinkwater, the British dramatist, specialized in them.

Nearly all of these Provisionals were crudely printed by local newspapers or
in small print shops. The printer of the Mount Lebanon stamp was so
inexperienced that after cutting the parallel lines and circle into the back
of a discarded woodcut, he spelled out the letters in positive form by
hammering type faces into the wood. The result was that when he printed on
paper with the woodcut, he got a reverse impression. But the postmaster was
too preoccupied with the war to quibble, and he sold the issue anyway,
scribbling with ink over the reversed "5" on the stamp to invalidate it.

This cover was owned by "Pacificus".
Anybody know who "Pacificus" was behind the pseudonym?