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Jeff R.
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"hummels" wrote in message
I have a Silver coin with "D G REG F D" "Elizabeth II" and a young
looking Elizabeth on one side, and "H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales And
Lady Diana Spencer" "1981" on the other.

I'm looking for the value of this coin. In my searches, I've seen
anywhere from 30 US cents up to $35. (even one listed selling for
$200, but then people can ask for anything they want!!)

I've also seen it listed as Austrailian as well as British.

Not with that inscription it ain't.

This is "ours":

Note we Aussies always acknowledge our country.

The worth of *this* coin? AUD$0.50 Maybe $3-5 in UNC. (But you'd have to
find someone topay that much). These things are still common in circ.

But you knew that, huh?

Your coin?
Don't know, sorry.

Jeff R.