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For those who do not know;

As usual, you seem to half read and leap straight into confusion:

You are wrong because I read the whole IMM revision article. At the end we
will see who leapt into what.

There is no 'END' ... with this new lowering of service I have lost
FOUR, that's 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 !!! items of value. Yes they were
insured. Yes neither I nor dealer suffered more than postage loss.
However, if you count the loss of a large margin, VLH MINT GB 2d
Blue as 'nothing to worry about' ... !!!

To help you and others out, THIS is the appropriate sentence!
"Therefore, we will no longer handle inbound international
Registered Mail items in the domestic Registered Mail system."
This clearly means that ONCE into the USPS mailstream it will NOT be
tracked, it will NOT require a signature, it will NOT have any
protection from theft!

Thank you for your explanation. Let's read the next paragraph of the IMM
Revision, that apparently you have overseen:
"International senders of Registered Mail items will con*tinue to receive
features that distinguish this service. For example, the Postal Service will
verify receipt of a Registered Mail item to the postal administration of

Much noise signifyting nothig to do with the situation ONCE into the
USPS maw.

In addition, the Postal Service will obtain a signature at the time
of delivery in accordance with domestic standards governing the delivery of
accountable mail.

Very presumptive and that's only if it SHOULD IT NOT BE STOLEN!

Also, senders will continue to have access to the inquiry
process and may receive indemnity based on UPU limits for loss, damage, or
missing contents."

Such 'inquiry process' consists of some clerk sending a form to my
LOCAL POSTMISTRESS who has absolutely no knowledge of what in blazes
is happening over 2,000 miles away!

In addition, I've contacted the 'main Postmaster' [we're a
sub-postoffice] for the area. She tried, but no help there.
I've gone to the Regional Center and even to the Postal Inspectors.

IN ALL CASES, it 'dies on the vine'.

Because you write, screaming

{ROTFLMAOIS - but it did make you read!]
in uppercase, that "... it will NOT require a
signature ..." (which is in contradiction with the paragraph quoted above),

{and is in agreement of what was told to me by the clerk, Postmaster
and regional center!}
I may wonder if you ever received a registered letter from Europe through
the USPS.

ONE ONLY, as said before - but again I guess you missed that too!

So far I had to _sign_ for every registered letter that was handed over to
me by the USPS.

So have I ... what's news about that?
The OPERATIVE condition is "I had to _sign_ for every registered
letter that was handed over". Mine were -=never=- 'handed over!

THAT is the point.

Since 250 is now the upper limit on ITS [which IS usually handled
properly by the toastposties, anything above that, not covered by
the seller's Private Insurance Carrier, is sent FedEx.

It's not the hassle, the lack of courtesy, the reduction in service
that galls me the most - it's the loss of a special philatelic item
wanted for my collection.