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Default solution for taking new stamps off paper

On 10/16/2011 11:54, Toke NÝrby wrote:

That was a splendid advice :-)
but I found a perfect method - I can only talk for the new Danish
stamps, though.

No water. Nothing but your fingers! If you have a piece of paper with
the cancelled sticky stamp. Bend the paper totally at a corner of the
stamp. You can then catch the corner of the stamp between two fingers
and draw the stamp slooowly and very carefully of the paper.

You will then see that ALL the sticky glue will be left back on the
paper and not on the stamp.

The paper of these stamps is thick enough to do this and if you want
you can put the stamps in water afterwards and dry them in a book to
get them (more) plain than before. There will not be the slightest
glue left on the stamp.

I have tried with 10 Danish stamps - that's what I had at hand - and
it worked. (And continued to collect classic stamps after that :-)

I've tried a similar method with US stamps, but many now are too thin
for that to work well. After soaking, I've sometimes able to rub the
adhesive off the back of the stamp, but even that isn't reliable. For
my kids, where the value of the stamp is in having it in the book rather
than keeping it in pristine condition, what I have sometimes done is to
let the stamps dry as much as possible and the carefully rub the
adhesive side with fingers coated in flour. The flour adheres to the
backs and makes them "un-sticky".