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Default The State of the WNS and of UPU Philatelic Circulars - 2017

"MJancar" wrote in message

Just go on this web page
In any way your complaint about accessibility of UPU web portal is
partialy justified. I miss access to historical documents of UPU.

Thanks for commenting.

I don't understand your proposal. Just FYI, your link points to the WNS and
not to the UPU IB Philatelic Circulars 2003 - 2016.

What do you mean by "partially justified", after two different UPU managers
commented my demand as justified (see below)?

Here are some instructions to better understand the problem. Please enter
the page:

and then try to access any of the philatelic Circulars listed there. Here is
where you will land:

As you can see, you will be asked for a username and a password. It is for
this very reason that those two different UPU managers confirmed the
relevance of the problem, as mentioned on the PWO page: . Quotes from their

"As far as the circulars about illegal products are concerned, I can confirm
that they are unfortunately no longer accessible to everyone ..." (Mr.

“Indeed, the system has been adapted and your request is relevant. " (Mr.

That my request was justified is obvious indeed, just that the UPU
philatelic team hasn't solved the problem for over six months (and counting

Victor Manta, PWO

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Dne petek, 05. maj 2017 18.45.31 UTC+2 je oseba Victor Manta napisala:
Even if the WADP Numbering System (WNS) and the associated database is a a
very expensive endeavor, that costs the participating postal
millions of Swiss Francs, its large holes make it improper for the
identification of illegal stamps, the very reason for which it was

The IB - UPU Philatelic Circulars 2003 - 2016, the only identification
for illegal stamps worldwide, aren't accessible anymore on the UPU site
without a password, what made them unusable for the worldwide stamp

The proliferation of illegal stamps continues meanwhile unhindered. Learn
more about the actual situation from our new page:

Victor Manta, PWO