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Default FS: 2003 Comic-Con Promos

2003 San Diego Comic-Con Promos For Sale

These promos are direct from the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con. Most are
exclusive promos only available at the show and are limited editions.
Some items are available in quantity. Please send an email if interested
in ordering quantities of any item. All items are in mint condition. All
promo packs are unopened.

All orders will be securely packaged and shipped. Please add $.50
postage with each order. Payments accepted are check or money order.

If you have any questions please let me know. My email address is
. Thanks for looking.

Artbox-Haunted Mansion Promo Panel
This is a Limited Edition 3 Card Promo Panel for Disney's Haunted
Mansion movie coming Halloween, 2003. $5.00
Haunted Mansion Promo Card #P2 $1.00
Megaman Trading Cards Promo Card #P1 $1.00

Benchwarmers-Autographed Promo Card
This is an exclusive promo for the new Benchwarmer trading card set. It
is autographed in black sharpie by the model. $5.00

Comic Images-Boris & Julie Promo Card
This is the promo card for The Artwork Of Boris & Julie trading card set
coming later this year. #P1 $1.00

Dreamworks-Sharkslayer Promo Pack
This is a 12 Card Promo Pack for the animated Sharkslayer movie coming
to theatres November, 2004. The front of each card features a character
from the movie. The back has a black and white photo of the actor who
provides the voice for the character. Some of the actors include
Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Renee Zellweger and Robert DeNiro. $10.00
Shrek 2 Postcard
This is a full-color postcard for the animated Shrek 2 movie coming to
theatres June 18, 2004. The front shows an image from the movie. The
back is blank except for the release date of the movie. $1.00

Fleer-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Promo Pack
This is a 4 Card Promo Pack for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
trading card set coming later this year. $4.00
Transformers Armada Promo Pack
This is a 4 Card Promo Pack for the new Transformers Armada trading card
set coming later this year. $4.00

Inkworks-Promo Packs
This is a 8 Card Promo Pack that features the upcoming releases of
Inkworks trading card sets. 7 of the 8 cards are San Diego Comic-Con
exclusives. They include: Angel Season 4 #A4-SD2003, Alias Season 2
#SD1, Looney Tunes #LT-SD, Smallville Season 2 #SM-SD2003, Buffy The
Vampire Slayer Season 7 #B7-SD2003, Tomb Raider The Cradle Of Life
#TR2-SD2003, and Justice League #7 of 7. $15.00
Hellboy Promo Pack
This is a 5 Card Promo Pack for the Hellboy movie which is based on the
comic book to be released in theatres Memorial Day, 2004. $5.00

Marquis Models-Autographed Promo Card Set
This is a 4 card set autographed by the models in silver sharpie. 2 of
the 4 cards are business card size. $4.00

New Line Home Entertainment-The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers Litho
This is an exclusive numbered limited edition lithograph. Each
lithograph comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 4,000 of each
lithograph were produced. It measures 5" x 7". The image on the
lithograph was reproduced from an actual scene from the movie. The scene
shows Golum warning Frodo and Sam not to enter the Black Gates of
Mordor. The back of the lithograph comes with a fold out display stand.
The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers Postcard Set
This is a set of 4 full-color postcards. The fronts of the postcards
show an image from the movie. The backs have info on the dvd and
merchandise. $4.00

Pioneer-Anime DVD Sampler
This is a promotional dvd that features several trailers of Anime such
as Haibane-Renmei, Heat Guy J, Last Exile, Sakura Wars and many others.
Also included are music samples from several 2003 Anime music releases.

Warner Bros.-Angel Poster
This is a full-color poster for the series premiere this October of
Angel. It measures 24" x 18". It features a large photo of series star
David Boreanaz and new cast member James Marsters. The bottom of the
poster has small photos of the other cast members and information on the
series premiere date and time. $5.00