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Default [eBay] Jim Lee Wildstorm SkyCaps - Factory Sealed Box

Just posted on eBay:

JIM LEE SKYCAPS - Opening Bid is only $5.00

6 caps per pack, 36 packs in the box
Retail price was $1.75 - $1.95 a pack (if I remember correctly)
Copyright year on the box is 1993
All artwork is from the Wildstorm line of comics
Box is Factory Sealed

I know what you are thinking...Pogs!?! Who the heck collects pogs anymore?
Well, that's true, pogs have gone the way of the pet rock, but these are
still cool!
"Why?" You may ask...because on each and every skycap is a full color
by the incredible Jim Lee! Who is Jim Lee you ask? Well, you must have
just crawled
out from under a rock. Jim Lee is the creator of the Wildstorm Universe
with such hits
as WildC.A.T.s, Gen13 and StormWatch, and has long standing runs on the
and record breaking sales on X-Men. He is currently lending his drawing
to the critically acclaimed HUSH storyline on BATMAN.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better,
there are special enhanced bunus skycaps featuring all-new artwork by Jim
Odds in finding bonus SkyCaps are 5:36 packs and the Jim Lee slammer is 1:36
However, you are fortunate, because this box contains 36 unopened packs!
the standard disclaimer states that these are general odds, and there is no
that you will get all of the bonus caps...

If interested, follow the link below:

Thanks for looking!

Have a great day!