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How about Ryan Anderson? When 1998 Bowman Series 1 came out, the top
priced prospects were Orlando Hernandez, Troy Glaus, Gabe Kapler,
Kevin Millwood & Ryan Anderson. So far, Anderson has put up great
stats in the minors - when he could play. He spent part of 1998 and
2000 on the DL and has missed the entire 2001 and 2002 seasons after
having surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Not a single pitch thrown in
the majors. Now his Bowman RC isn't even listed.

(BlackJet76) wrote in message ...
Remember when Rick Ankiel was considered the best young pitcher in all of
baseball? He was probably the first in a long line of recent top pitching
prospects. Remember in 1999 and early 2000 it was Ankiel 1, Zito 2, and Prior
wasn't even in the picture yet. I wonder what's going to become of old Rick
Ankiel? Can he still be great?

Remember when...Ben Sheets was supposed to be good? Think he can turn it