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On July 20 1969 the world witnessed an event that was to change our
perceptions of the heavens forever: Man Stepped on the Moon.
As a collector of unusual postal history and stamps, I was able to
acquire at the time a number of special envelopes commemorating this
These covers were postmarked at CAPE CANAVERAL on July 20, 1969, the
Day history was made.

A spectacular design of the moon is embossed on the cover. You can
actually feel the craters with your fingers!

To add to the interest, the cover bears a copy of an earlier USA space
issue: the Apollo 8 stamp in all its glory. It shows earth as seen
from the moon.

I have a few of these unique covers left which were prepared for the
Club of United Nations Collectors and addressed accordingly.

I am offering these until I run out, for just $3.25 each.
They make a great gift for any person interested in space, astronomy,
history, stamps, etc. so perhaps order a few.

Please add the following shipping charges:

Buyers from the USA pay shipping/packing and handling cost of $1.75
Insurance is an additional $1.85 if required.

Shipment outside the USA: please let me know where you live and I
will inform you as to the shipping charges.

Payment accepted via personal check (allow time for clearance), money
order or cash.

As quantities are limited, please EMail your request first for your
cover(s), to assure availability.

I will then confirm your order and give you my mailing address.

Thank you, Evelyn Florence


Link to image of cover: