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John Robertson, I re-cleaned all contacts. I removed 3 relays took off there covers and cleaned those contacts. Here is what is happening:
I put in a coin make a selection it rotates and always makes the proper selection. The right side selection lever will only read the "B" side of the records of the bottom tab work but never the top tab and once complete it continues to search "rotate" and will not go to the stop position.
In order of problems #1 Wont make top or "a" side plays #2 continues to hunt and will only stop for "B" side play even though "A" side accumulator does work. . #3 once complete it wont stop record carriage continues to turn.
New item only left side speakers work I tried balance and on occasion both will play but turning balance to full right is very muffled to almost nothing turning to the left increases to full left and zero right very quickly. Tkx jim
Was able to get it all correct. There was some thick grease on the switching lever and once cleamed it again shut off. Had to clean all surfaces several times and all plugs. There us a circuit on the amP for the speakers pulled the pin and reset. Now the entire unit works like a charm.