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Default Rockola 442,443

On 2017/11/19 3:00 PM, Rufcar wrote:
Hi new to the group. I have had this rockola 442 443 a long time and had
it perfect but let it sit about 2 years in my heated and humidity
controlled garage. 1st off everything works and plays except now the A
side records do not index. The coin goes in the library picks the record
tabs and the count works the B side works perfectly the A side wont
move. I have the proper manual and Im a ok mechanic but sometimes it
looses me! I have re-cleaned all the proper contacts and used contact
cleaner too. I have ckd the micro switches but I cant seem to get power
to the inside or "A" sode of the write in selector. Once I play a few
"B" sides the magazine wont stop running either. I cked all the relays
and cleaned the contacts. Where do I start? Tkx Jim F

Hi Jim,

Based on your description I would be checking the A Side readout
circuitry. Broken wire to the wiper, problem with the wiper ring, etc.
The original manual had a good troubleshooting guide for readout issues
- follow that guide!

Assuming you have a complete manual that is.

John :-#)#

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