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Alan & Erin Williams
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"A.Gent" wrote:

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For myself, any copper cent grading EF and above, all errors, cuds,
misaligneds, OC's, all wheats, all small dates, all S mints, all Zincolns
with unusual toning or MS preservation, all type 2 reverses and any
counter-stamped cents get saved. I have (ahem) some volume of these now. I
do it because I like to, thank you.

'the price is right'

...and anything else that looks "interesting."

Alan, do you have a separate room in Chez Williams to store your "orphanage"?
Do you sit in it and toss coppers over your head, Scrooge-McDuck-style?
Dive and swim in them?

I have a vision of that that I cannot shake.


It's the oubliette of small cents. ;-)

Pnuematic tube to an underground 1200 gallon polypropylene water tank.

'a blip on a geomagnetic map'