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Default Rockola 440 Gripper and Magazine Motor Blowing Fuses

I hear you loud and clear--I'm just saying that this is a weird electronic phenomena... I've been playing song after song now (30-40) and even put the circuit breaker back into action. I cleaned and lubed it in the garage (it was dropped off from a church cleanup effort). I had to jump the breaker the day I got it. It would blow the mechanical fuse every 7 songs or so. I decided to move it into the house as a nice discussion piece. I almost died getting it to my lower level by myself. Seems that the shake up must have kicked the carbon dust in the motor around and I couldn't get it to load 2 records without blowing the fuse. Now it was a big heavy embarrassing boat anchor just taking up space. But from reading this thread I was motivated to put my own supply onto the motor to see the amps. The needle completely pegged (only goes up to 3 and 20 volts output). The motor would spin and forced to stop when the record sat down. I reversed the polarity and put the record back--again the motor was forced to stop with my current still on it. I noticed that in the process of back-and-forth, back-and-forth the amps started reducing. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth it eventually showed under 1 and near 2 when the motor was forced to stop. At that point I put everything back and right now I'm blowing the ceiling off the house. Really.

Can you tell me, if I remove the motor to clean it, does the motor slide out of the gear box? Or will I have to remove that and open it up too? Thanks for all your help here. Also, this is in really nice shape. It came with an extra of every module, extra speakers, and two ice cream containers full of extra records--all in really nice condition. Can you guess at what this might all be worth?