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Default Rockola 440 Gripper and Magazine Motor Blowing Fuses

On 10/01/2014, 2:53 PM, wrote:
Appreciate all the discussion here as I've gotten an old 484 working and all greased up but it too blows the motor fuse (I already jumped the lower-amp circuit breaker). Based on the info in this post, I wanted to see how many amps are actually being drawn so I hooked my own supply to each. One was fine but the one that lifts and replaces the record was pegging the needle on the supply. I can turn it with my hand pretty easy. Well... I kept lifting the record and putting it back by reversing the polarity. Well... after about 20 times, the amp meter showed under 1.? I think that reversing the polarity caused all the charged dust in the motor to re-situate. I couldn't believe my eyes (and didn't). So I have a fuse in right now as I type and I've listened to a bunch of records with no trouble. --the fuse WAS blowing within 2 records. Note that I did NOT remove and clean the motor as the author in this thread did. I may actually try taking the jumper off of the circuit breaker.

You really do have to take the armature out and clean between the
commutator plates. Carbon builds up over time and shorts out windings
drawing too much current and blowing fuses...

John :-#)#

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