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Default Half Doggie Dollars and Louisiana Purchase $2 Bill Redesign Legislation, oh my!

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Figured I'd tweak with you guys again. Love it, or hate it, this is
the legislation I'm going to send to my Congressmen.


Section 1. Short Title

This Act may be cited as the "Famous Dogs Half Dollar Coin Act"

Sec 2. Design and Issuance of Half Dollar coins, Featuring Famous Dogs
of U.S. History

Unfortunately for famous dog lovers, the only people who would ever see
these husky halves are collectors who order annual proof and mint sets. And
while many will never even open their sets, others may only take a brief
glance to ensure there are no scratches -- ironic, because dogs love to
scratch and be scratched.

I suppose all this will require an emergency session of Congress, unless you
can wait until 2009.