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Default Half Doggie Dollars and Louisiana Purchase $2 Bill RedesignLegislation, oh my!

Figured I'd tweak with you guys again. Love it, or hate it, this is
the legislation I'm going to send to my Congressmen.


Section 1. Short Title

This Act may be cited as the "Famous Dogs Half Dollar Coin Act"

Sec 2. Design and Issuance of Half Dollar coins, Featuring Famous Dogs
of U.S. History

(a) Notwithstanding the Authority of the Secretary of the Treasury
under the 8th undesignated paragraph of section 16 of the Federal
Reserve Act, beginning in 2011 coins in the denomination of 50 cents
shall be redesigned to be smaller, in between the size of the quarter
dollar, and the 5-cent coin, copper in color, so as not to confuse the
new halves with 5-cent coins or quarters, shall have a reeded edge, so
as not to be confused with tarnished 1-cent coins, or tarnished $1
coins, and be thicker than all other denominations of U.S. coins and
shall be placed into circulation. These half dollar coins shall have
features more distinguishable from other current coin denominations,
yet thin enough to work in current vending machines. And to save the
government money on using less metal, to mint new smaller half dollar

(b) The "Famous Dogs Half Dollar Coin Act" shall feature four new
obverses of the half dollar coin, honoring four different famous dogs,
to honor dogs for serving man kind for thousands of years, and shall
honor and feature such fallen dogs as, fire, police, rescue, military
and sled dogs who served or lost their lives, serving man kind, with
Balto being the first to be honored.

(c) The reverse of the new half dollars shall feature three different
designs per every three years of the program. The Gray Wolf shall be
featured on the reverse of the new half dollars for the first three
years. The Coyote shall be featured on the reverse of the second three
years' half dollar designs. And the North American Red Fox shall be
featured on the half dollar coin's reverse for the last three years'
designs. This will help us honor and respect both tame dogs and the
wild ancestors that these dogs came from.

Sec 3. After the "Famous Dogs" half dollar program ends, the Treasury
shall select a permanant new design for the half dollar, while
retaining the smaller design, features and weight as the "Famous Dogs"
half dollar coins.


I wonder what kind of design they would put on the post-half doggie
dollars, and if they'd honor a different person than John F. Kennedy.


Section 1. Short Title

This Act may be sited as the "Louisiana Purchase $2 Bill Act"

Sec. 2. Redesign and Issuance of a $2 Federal Reserve Note, Featuring
a Louisiana Purchase Theme.

(a) Notwithstanding the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury
under the 8th undesignated paragraph of section 16 of the Federal
Reserve Act, beginning January 1, 2010, Federal reserve notes in the
denomination of $2 shall be redesigned to feature a Louisiana Purchase
theme, and a low-vision numeral on the reverse, an enlarged portrait
of President Thomas Jefferson, two watermarks, one of a huge numeral
"2" to the right of Jefferson's portrait, and a watermark of the
spelling "TWO" to the left of President Jefferson on the new $2 bill,
in the same three spots that the three small numeral "5s" appear on
the left of President Lincoln's portrait on the new NexGen $5 bills,
as opposed to three little numeral "2s" to help people detect a
counterfeit $5 bill printed on a bleached $2 bill easier, clusters of
little yellow "02s" on the reverse and/or obverse, a tint of bluish
green, including an image of a blue scroll on the front of these new
$2 bills, as the symbol to represent Liberty in the form of the
Declaration of Independence. The low-vision numeral would be the same
size as the new $5 bill's huge purple 5, but blue in color.

Sec. 3 Return to Monticello Design

Louisiana Purchase themed $2 bills shall only be issued for one year,
for commemorating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. After a
one year issuance of new Louisiana Purchase themed $2 bills for a one
year, the $2 bill shall revert back to a permanent modern NexGen
Monticello $2 bill reverse. These new $2 bills would retain all other
designs, security features, and color added to them, including the
bluish green scroll representing Liberty in the form of the
Declaration of Independence, on the obverse of the new $2 bills. These
Monticello design $2 bills, shall be placed into circulation after
December 31st 2010.


I might be pressing my luck, wanting two new $2 bill designs released,
seeing as the Treasury has told me that the U.S. currency is not
redesigned for aesthetic reasons, only to deter counterfeiting. But
hey, how many dollar, quarter, 5-cent or 1-cent coins, do you see
being counterfeited, and yet, they're redesigning those coin
denominations, mostly for aesthetic reasons, so as I have said, I see
no reason not to redesign a currency note denomination mainly for
aesthetic reasons.

These new $2 bills will help more and more people be aware the $2
bills are still being printed, and are not "rare collectibles" and may
spend them a bit more, as I have said already. The same goes for the
new halves.

And so what if people start hoarding the half doggie dollars, and the
Louisiana Purchase $2 bills? The government would still be making
money off people hoarding these new designs, as they do with people
hoarding state quarters and presidential dollar coins, so, what the
heck is the difference? If the government actually wants to make money
off of people hoarding special, and odd denominations, they should
listen to me, and pass these two bills. Especially, the $2 bill
legislation, to help dollar coin circulation, by being promoted along
side the dollar coins. Let people hoard all the Louisiana $2s and half
doggie dollars they want, then they will likely start spending the
permanent Monticello $2 bill and post-half doggie dollar coin designs.