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Default FS Faroe Islands stamps and First Day Covers

The Fatdane of West Nissouri Stamps has placed an eclectic selection
of stamps, stamp booklets both mint and used, and First Day Covers
into Ebay store at m
.. If you prefer to buy off Ebay please have a look at my mint Faore
Islands pricelist at ,
Canadian funds version for Canadian customers at http:// Print copies of my Faroe
pricelist are available free to North American customers, one
International Reply Coupon required for customers outside North
Dennis Jorgensen, the "fatdane" , West Nissouri Stamp Company

phone 519-474-2021 , fax 519-474-6905 , toll free number for cc orders
on line auctions at
retail lists at
snail mail canadian address: P.O. Box 2691 , London, ON, Canada, N6A
snail mail US Address P.O. Box 596155, Fort Gratiot, MI 48059-6155