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i'm new to stamp collecting. i purchased a handful of packages of stamps
on ebay, and had a lot of fun sorting them all out and placing them in
those little glassine envelopes.

i also purchased a real nice three volume set of stamp collecting albums
with all the pages marked for each kind of stamp.

i've restricted my purchases to U.S. stamps only.

my question is, what now? i've got lots of samples of almost every stamp
in the stamp catalog, so how do i know which ones to place in the albums
and which ones to donate to the local stamp club's program to interest kids
in stamp collecting?

my first inclination was to simply use the best example of each stamp, but
after talking to a stamp collector, i've come to discover there are about a
bizillion variations possible on each stamp type that can make a difference
in its collectability.

i can't afford a scott's catalog yet (perhaps next year!).

any suggestions?