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Originally Posted by MB View Post
I am offering a RARE complete set of the United States Army National
Guard cards & binder. This offer includes 200 regular cards, 20
Holofoil chase cards (found 1 per box) and the extremely rare binder.
Pics available upon request. I will ship this via UPS insured in the
continental US for $210.00 NSU price GUIDE values the set and chase for
$250 and that's without the binder.
I will only accept a money order from the US post office, no exceptions,
so please don't ask.
Thanks for looking
PS: I have singles available too.
Hi, Michael

Wow, it's been almost nine years since this post was published, so here's to hoping...
I have a complete set of the original 220 ANG cards, holofoils included, in pristine condition. And it wasn't until mid last year that I even learned about the elusive and rare binder, and I even just MISSED one on of all places eBay, if you can believe it. Anyway, I'm sure you've long since sold yours by now, but considering how esoteric and collectible they are, I'm hoping that you may have a reliable resource or two (perhaps more?) that could help move me along the way. Well, I think that should wrap up this reply for now. I really look forward to hearing from you, Michael.

Sincerely, Philip