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Lord Penis January 29th 18 10:41 AM

On 28-Jan-18 23:31, wrote:
On Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 11:17:09 PM UTC-5, Will Dockery wrote:
No, Brooke, I'm not Allen Ginsberg, who was called the dirt bag.

I asked why HE was called that.

Okay, Will. You're now officially a dirtbag. You can switch it with your other sobriquets of douchebag and ****bum at your leisure.

And don't forget Vagina Face either. That's what Pickering whispers in
his ear when he want's to give him a facial.

Will Dockery January 30th 18 06:15 AM

"Lord Penis" wrote in message ...

Vagina Face

You certainly have some bizarre fantasies, don't you?

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