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September 26th 03, 04:07 AM
Starting Thursday September 25th 2003, online auctioneer Scarberia is
offering a wide variety of used and unused, domestic and international
postcards in Ebay auction, with bidding closing on Thursday October
2nd 2003. Included in our collection are postcards, postmarked to or
from Canada (Chatham Kent County, Blenheim, Stratford, Hamilton,
Toronto, Niagara Falls & Ottawa in Ontario plus St Edouard Quebec, US
States (AZ, CO, FL, MA, MI, MO, VT & HI), Uk, numerous Switzerland,
France, as well as some collectable Greeting postcards...
We have carefully handpicked all of the above and provide views of
both their front and backs.

This week we have also prepared for auction some Ireland and Great
Britain First Day Covers, 1930s Wall Calendars, 1900's Photographs,
1920s Cookbooks, Map & Guide Books and the list goes on...
With items other than our postcards, we provide a picture of the
front and where possible, the inside or back, to help you decide
whether or not to bid on our goods.

To browse scarberia's auction items for this week stop by at


For those who would prefer a direct sale rather than an auction,
our store offers an assortment of Vintage and antique Canadian, US,
International, Greeting, Holiday, Real Photo and Topical Postcards,
First Day Covers, Antique magazine prints, vintage ads, Boat and Train
Collectables, Canadian Government Land Sale offers and much more.

To see these and more, please step inside the Scarberia Trading
Post at


Whether it be postcards, photos, vintage collectables... or
anything, we give a history and thorough description. Good
communication is important to us. We quickly reply to questions and
happily accept any suggestions from our bidders or potential bidders
We pride ourselves on our quality and speed of shipment and customer
response. We hope you'll agree!!!

If you're an avid collector or would like to start collecting, feel
free to take a look at what we have available. We hope to see your
name among our bidders and better yet, on the winning bidders list.

Bookmark our sites and check every Thursday to see our new listings.