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August 28th 04, 12:25 PM
3rd Year Anniversary
Stamp Master Album has been reporting the stamp news to its subscribers
for three years. 155 stamp news articles are now available in our news
archive section for your viewing enjoyment. Plus one new article in
Stamp Master Album News this week. We hope that you have enjoyed these
weekly stamp news article; and if you have any suggestion that could
improve our stamp news please feel free to contact us.

Stamp News
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the New Zealand Postal
Service. In September of 2004 the New Zealand Postal Service will issue
a new six stamp set named "Tourism 2004". Check out these new stamps
and specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

Stamp Sales
We just added United States of American to our stamp sales section.
Check out this new country stamps @
http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/CountryStampSales.htm We will also be
expanding on the existing countries in the future. An announcement will
be made about the additions each week on this newsletter.

Stamp Help
Our Foreign Stamp Identifier has six different indexes that can help you
find out what country your stamps are from. To access one of these
Indexes click this link.
http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/ForeignCountryIdentifierHome.htm . And
then click the index you need to get started. The Foreign Stamp
Identifier is now available on CD if you would like to work offline. You
can purchase it in our Store or Stamp Products Sales.

September Sales
1) Box of 3000 Stamps only $79.99
2) HO Logging Mill only $19.99
3) Lionel 10" Straight FasTrack 4 pack only $12.99
4) B-24D Liberator Balsa Wood Model 48" wing span only $54.99
5) Norway 2000 Yearset only $43.75
6) Graf Zeppelin II & USS Lion Fish Submarine only $24.04
7) Life-Like Skid Track only $6.99
8) Dinosaur World Mother and Babies Collection Set only $18.00

Two new Digitrax decoders have been added to our HO section. The DH123D
& DH163D are now available in our HO section. Check them out @

Plasticville O Scale House Under Construction is now available in our
Scenery section. Add this house to you O Scale layout and bring the
housing construction industry to you layout. Check it out @

Lionel Trains
The new Lionel Christmas Rolling Stock Cars are now on our site. They
will not be available to buy until about November. An announcement will
be made when they become available. Check them out @

Become a Stamp Master Album subscriber and become entitle to some
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