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July 31st 04, 12:46 PM
Stamp News
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the Canada Postal Service. In
July of 2004 the Canada Postal Service has issued two new stamps named
"2004 Olympic Summer Games". Check out these new stamps and their
specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

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8) Life-Like Flashing Light Storage Tank & Lighted Yard Tower
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New Site Update
This week the new stamp sales section will be added to the site. This
new section will allow you to buy Single Stamps, Stamp Sets, Souvenir
Sheets and more. But be patient, because only a few countries will be
available at first. Each week more and more countries will be added
until all countries have been listed.

Stamp Help
Our Foreign Stamp Identifier has six different indexes that can help you
find out what country your stamps are from. To access one of these
Indexes click this link.
http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/ForeignCountryIdentifierHome.htm . And
then click the index you need to get started. The Foreign Stamp
Identifier is now available on CD if you would like to work offline. You
can purchase it in our Store or Stamp Products Sales.

Stamp Pages
Stamp Pages 65 - 72 in index 4 in the Stamp Sales section were just
added to the site this week. Only the United States of America stamps
was included in these new stamp pages. Some of the stamps included were
the All Aboard! Stamp Pane, Marilyn Monroe Legends of Hollywood Pane,
Insects & Spiders Pane and more. Check out these new pages @

Year Sets
Two country yearsets were added to the Year Set Sales Index II this
week. They include the 2002 Israel Year Set Issue on pages 22A-25A and
the 2001 Austria Year Set Issue on pages 33A-35A. Go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/YearSetsA.htm to view these Year Sets.

Stamp Products
Scott 2005 Catalog Five will soon be available in our stamp product
section. Go to http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampProductSales.htm for
more information.

HO Slotcars Sets
The new Life-Like 2004 Nascar electric Race Sets are now available on
our site. The sets include the new Speedway Showdown set and the
Championship Four Lane Speedway Set. The Speedway Showdown set includes
the new U.S. Army Nascar electric racer and the Four Lane Speedway set
includes four Nascar electric race cars. For further details go to

A new low priced Lionel Locomotive has been added to our site. It is a
Chessie Diesel Locomotive that is Packed with TMCC controls, RailSounds
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