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July 3rd 04, 01:37 AM
Stamp News
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the Sweden Postal Service. In
August of 2004 the Sweden Postal Service will issued four yummy new
stamps named "The Forest Larder". Check out these new stamps and
their specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

Shipping & Handling Prices
Stamp Master Album has changed its shipping & handling calculation from
a flat rate for each product to a purchase price calculation. The price
ranges and S&H cost are listed as follows:
Purchace under $5.00 S&H cost $2.50
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New Site Update
The new N Scale Train Index is now on site. It is made up of Life-Like
& Bachmann N Scale Train Sets, Locomotives, Cars, Buildings,
Accessories and Track. We also added another Stamp Page index which
will include 41 pages of Foreign stamps. Countries included in the new
index are Aland Finland, Australia, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Tonga,
Tristan Da Cunha, Tunisia, Great Britain and the United Nations. Another
38 stamp pages will be added over the next few months and each week an
announcement will be made about what new stamps have been added. Enjoy!

Stamp Help
Our Foreign Stamp Identifier has six different indexes that can help you
find out what country your stamps are from. To access one of these
Indexes click this link.
http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/ForeignCountryIdentifierHome.htm . And
then click the index you need to get started. The Foreign Stamp
Identifier is now available on CD if you would like to work offline. You
can purchase it in our Store Front or Stamp Products Sales.

HO Slotcars Sets
Some new Life-Like 2004 Nascar electric Race Sets will be added to our
site next week. They are the new Speedway Showdown set and the
Championship Four Lane Speedway Set. The Speedway Showdown set includes
the new U.S. Army Nascar electric racer and the Four Lane Speedway set
includes four Nascar electric racers. For further details go to

HO Trains & Scenery
The Bachman Thomas with Annie & Clarabel Electric Train Starter Set in
now available on our site. The set includes all you need to setup and
run the friendly Thomas locomotive and Cars. We also have received and
uploaded some new scenery products. They are: Life-Like Painted figures
which include Police, Firemen & People. Other new products include:
Detailed Trucks, Bridges and Paint Sets. And if you haven't visited the
HO Scenery section before, it contains a large assortment of Life-Like
Trees, Buildings, Ground Covering and more.

Our model section has just been updated to help you find what your
looking for easier. Some new Gillows Balsa Wood Products are now
available on our site. They include: P47D Thunderbolt w/30" wing span,
P40-4 Corsair w/30" wing span, Super Giant B-24D Liberator w/48" wing
span and the Mustang w/17" wing span. Check out the forth column rows
1-4 in our model index for details.

These new Lionel Products are now available on our site: Western Pacific
U36B Diesel Locomotive, Rio Grande 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive, BallyHoo
Brothers Circus Stock Car w/Animals, Rio Grande Caboose, Illinois
Central Waffle-Side Boxcar, and the North Western Wood-sided Reefer.
Don't wait and miss out on these low price Lionel Products that are sure
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