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May 29th 04, 11:38 AM
Stamp News
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the Finland Postal Service. In
August of 2004 the Finland Postal Service will issue six new stamps in a
booklet named "Moomin Stamps". Check out these new stamps and their
specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

Sales in June
1) United Nations Stamp Album 1951-2003 $59.99
2) Digitrax Zephyr Starter Set $159.99
3) 1999 Finland Mint Year Set $40.84
4) Life-Like HO Electric Locomotives $24.99
5) Revell Luftschiff LZ 130
6) Life-Like Fast Tracker Electric Race Car Twin Pack $24.99
7) HO Scale Pratt Truss Bridge Kit $29.99
8) Chemlab 1100 $29.99
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Stamp Products
Scott's Stamp Catalogs Volumes I & II are now available on our site. We
also have the 2003 Supplements for the National Stamp Album, USA & UN
Minuteman Stamp Albums, Master Canada Stamp Album and Pony Express Stamp

Stamp Help
Our Foreign Stamp Identifier has six different indexes that can help you
find out what country your stamps are from. To access one of these
Indexes click this link.
http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/ForeignCountryIdentifierHome.htm . And
then click the index you need to get started. The Foreign Stamp
Identifier is now available on CD if you would like to work offline. You
can purchase it in our Store Front or Stamp Products Sales.

HO Scenery
Our HO Scenery Section is now being updated. We hope the update will
make it easier for our customers to find what there looking for. Plus we
will be adding more products. If you have never visited this section
before and you have an HO Layout, then I suggest you check it out.
Products included in this section are all HO scale which include: Trees,
Plastic Model Building Kits, Scenes, Bridges, People, Grass & Ground
Covering, Paint Sets and more. To go to this section just click or
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Digitrax Authorize Dealer:
The Digitrax Zephyr DCC Set is now available on our site. It is a great
way to enhance your HO layout with independent Multiple Locomotive
control. Run up to 10 Locomotives on a same track and have independent
speed, stopping & direction control of each. The Zephyr comes with all
you need to get started (except Locomotive decoders). Included in the
Zephyr DCC Set is the DCS50 Throttle Command Station/Booster 2.5 Amps,
PS315 Power Supply, LT1 LocoNet Cable and Decoder Tester and Zephyr &
Decoder Manuals. The Zephyr is also expandable so you don't have to buy
everything at once. For more information about the Digitrax Zephyr DCC
Set go to our HO section.

Our distributor has told us that the Lionel New York Central Passenger
set is now available for a short period at a very low price. If you
order it now, I can get the complete set for only $249.99 plus S&H.
Normal Retail Price for this set is $349.99 which includes the
Locomotive with RailSounds, Two Coach Cars, Observation Car, 40" x 60"
FasTrack Track Layout and a 80 watts Transformer. Supplies our limited
to my distributors stock so if your interested come in and order it at
the store ASAP. For people not in the local area, send an e-mail to
with your Email, Name and Shipping
information and I will send you a Paypal bill for the set.

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