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April 24th 04, 11:42 AM
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the San Marino Postal Service.
In February of 2004 the San Marino Postal Service has issued a new stamp
named "Poggiali World Champion". Check out this new stamp and its
specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

Stamp Fact:
The Lewis & Clark booklet will soon be issued on May 14th 2004. It will
cost $1.55 over face postage value and only 1 million booklets will be
sold. Similar distribution restriction were changed by the USPS after
release as in the case of the U.S. Navy Submarines booklet and the Old
Glory booklet. You'll have to hold on to seat to see what happens to the
Lewis and Clark booklet issue.

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May Sales
Sales for May will include this Fun Stuff:
1) HO, N, &G 60 watts MRC Transformer only $89.99
2) Lionel Operating Lumberjacks only $79.96
3) Sweden 2000 Year Set only $59.95
4) USS Arizona & Missour model ships only $21.60
5) HO Switchman for conventional & Power/Lock Track only $15.00 each
6) Paintworks, Paint by Number: Valley of the River Beck only $13.11
7) Dinosaur Alpha Zoo Train Set only $16.68
8) Watermark Fluid only $14.99

Digitrax Authorize Dealer:
Stamp Master Album is now an authorized dealer for Digitrax's. In the
coming weeks a number of Digitrax Command Control products will be
added to the HO Train Section. An announcement will be included with our
newsletter describing what equipment has been added. Our goal is to
carry items for the home hobbyist. Larger size layout equipment will be
available by special order only. We will also be providing complete in
shop customer assistance and service. Also our HO Train index will be
going through some changes. With these changes, we hope items will be
easier to find.

Life-Like HO Slotcars
Have you ever experience today's HO Slotcar racing. If not, you don't
know what you been missing. This new era of slotcar racing has brought
new innovations to HO racing. Engineers have designed magnets into the
cars that are used to hold the cars onto the track at speeds of 800 to
1000 mph per scale. Meaning to go as fast as these cars go you would
have to drive your vehicle 800 to 1000 mph. I myself refer to these
racing cars as streakers. Why? because that's all you can see is a
streak of the car when its speeding through the race coarse. So if you
haven't had a chance to check out these new HO racers, go to your local
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