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thrift meister
January 2nd 04, 04:52 PM
* Never try to pull a stamp off an envelope--if not torn you could
still leave a portion of the stamp on the envelope making it thinner
than it should be.

* Perf--the bits sticking out between the perforations.

* Don't spend the time and trouble to soak each stamp individually.
Store them in a shoe box or similiar place till you have a group to
soak all at once.

* Carefully cut stamps off envelopes by cutting around the stamp, but
make sure not to cut so close that you cut the perfs on the stamp.

* Separate stamps which are on colored paper--when wet the ink in the
paper might run and discolor all the stamps. Also set aside colored
cancellations for the same reason.

* Soak the stamps face up in lukewarm water. After a few minutes the
water will dissolve the glue and the stamps will float off the

* Self stick stamps don't separate as easily as the one old fashion
type. Expect to lose a few.

* Put stamps on paper towels or wash cloth to dry. Expect them to
wrinkle up.
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