View Full Version : Will trade about anything in stamps or covers

Jim MacKay
August 6th 03, 06:37 PM
I have a box of about two pounds of cut corners with stamps and Texas
cancels from about 1990. Boring definitive stamps so this would be for the
cancel collector. If you are interested email me and I will reserve it for
you. Send me something interesting or the postage and I will send it to

I have lots of extra US, Canada and World stamps, World and US covers, US
FDC's to trade or give away. Also a lot of old stamp mags and journals.
Send me something interesting and I will send something back that is along
your line of interest.

Any special interests in common stamps, covers? I probably have a stack.


This is my web site:

Jim MacKay
PO Box 820088
HOUSTON, TX 77282-0088