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July 26th 03, 12:10 PM
This week Stamp Master Album News goes to the Guernsey Postal Service.
In July six new stamps were issued named "Migrating Birds". Check out
these new stamps and specification at
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/NewsLetter/StampMasterNews.htm. Or go to
http://www.StampMasterAlbum.com/StampMain.htm and click the Stamp News

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Stamp Information
This month Stamp Master Album has added a new article to the Stamp
Information section. The article covers various specification to look
for when identifying stamps that look the same. Some of the
specification to use will be perforation, Serpentine die cut, Coils,
Date stamp, plate numbers and so on. Check out this new article at
Then scroll down to the I section and select the link under the title
"Identifying stamps that look the same."

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